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Information valid for Ce-140 unless otherwise noted

Basic Information

Symbol: Ce
Atomic Number: 58
Mass: 140.116
Melting Point: 795.0 C
Boiling Point: 3257.0 C
Number of Protons/Electrons: 58
Number of Neutrons: 82
Classification: Rare Earth
Crystal Structure: Cubic
Density @ 293 K: 6.773 g/cm3
Color: gray

Atomic Structure

[Bohr Model of Cerium]
Number of Energy Levels: 6

  1. First Energy Level: 2
    Second Energy Level: 8
    Third Energy Level: 18
    Fourth Energy Level: 20
    Fifth Energy Level: 8
    Sixth Energy Level: 2


Isotope Half Life
Ce-134 3016.0 days
Ce-136 Stable
Ce-138 Stable
Ce-139 137.6 days
Ce-140 Stable
Ce-141 32.5 days
Ce-142 Stable
Ce-143 1.4 days
Ce-144 284.6 days


Date of Discovery: 1803
Discoverer: W. von Hisinger
Name Origin: Ceres (asteroid)
Uses: heat-resistant alloys
Obtained From: monazite