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Malayalam Unicode keyboard Map

Malayalam Unicode configuration, pls follow the same procedures as Tamil configuration and select in the last step to add Malayalam to your keyboard.

1. Control Panel,

2. Regional and Language Options (pls Select / Tick - Install files for complex script ......),

You need to insert Windows XP CD and choose I386\ftlx041e.dl_ to setup.

After automatically coping the files to windows, you have to ReStart the system.

3. Languages, Details, Click Add and choose Malayalam

4. Click the Language Bar setting to choose Show the Language Bar on Desktop.

Click OK to Finish.

You will find EN in the Taskbar. You can change the Language by Shift + Alt key combination.

You can choose Arial Unicode MS or any other Unicode compatible Fonts.

Also, you can save the file names with malayalam.


If you have any problem, pls use the normal windows Malayalam true type font.

Malayalam TTF keyboard Map for Kaveri / Kaviri Phonetic Fonts

Pls contact for more info.