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There are pros and cons about astrology, but you should not stick on it!

There is a historical evidence, that the astrology experts calculated the celestial movement at the period of king pharaoh and warned him, that there will be a birth on a particular day and that person will be a danger for the king. Then the king ordered to separate the men from women  for a certain period to avoid the things not to be happen. Also he ordered to kill all the baby boys born on that period of a year. How many innocent lives were lost because of the known “fate”.

But the “fate” boy “Mousa” was born by miraculous, because the god is the greatest and the God scripted every things those that would be happen until the day of end and those things can’t be changed by human.

If someone knows the "fate" what would be happen. Imagine, if a person will get a serious problem or decease at the age of 30, until that time the person will suffer with that feeling. But in the other side, the person might get some sort of solution.

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Chinese Astrology predicts Baby Boy before Pregnancy ??

Chinese Astrology Calendar can help woman to predict baby gender using their astrology birth chart before her pregnancy and conception.

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