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Resources - Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas are substances found within the earthís crust. They are thought to come from decomposed plant and animal matter. Scientists believe the plants and animals died long ago, and were slowly buried by thick layers of sediments.  Over a long period of time, and with pressure and temperature, the organic materials were converted into the oil and gas which are found today. For example, we know that present day garbage dumps give off methane gas.

Oil in itís natural state can be thick or thin,  black or light colored. When oil is refined, many products can be obtained:

Energy for power plants

Gasoline for cars

Diesel fuel for trucks and trains

Hi-octane fuels for planes

Heating oil for houses

Many other materials also come from petroleum:

Plastics (PVC / PET)

Materials for clothes (example: polyester fabrics)

Chemicals for everyday use



World's large oil and gas reserves and producers

Opec group of countries (Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Algeria, Nigeria, Venizula and Malasia)

Non-Opec countries: Russia, USA, Lybia, Indonesia and India