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Great way to a disciplined life

Peaceful with all livelihood

As far all of the living things, are created by God to live together; we have to live peacefully and everyone have the basic responsibility.

About the brotherhood and neighborhood

As far we are the children of Adam and Eve, We are all brothers and sisters and everyone have the basic responsibility for each other.

Whoever live next to you, they are neighbors and each other have their basic responsibility with their capacity.

How to behave elder and younger

Respecting elder and younger (vise-versa)

How to talk to the elders


Dealing with orphans

What are the responsibilities for a guardian?

How can disperse the wealth of an orphan?

Who are the eligible people to get (financial) aid or support?

Is it permitted or prohibited to get alms?

The priority to provide financial aid.

Dealing with family

What are the responsibilities for the head of family

What are the responsibilities for a husband?

What are the responsibilities for a father?

What are the responsibilities for a mother?

How to deal with wife(s)?

How to deal with children?

How long it can be breast-feed for a girl or boy?

What is the age for separation in Bed?

What is the age to start prayer (compulsory)?

Business Dealings

Trading with loyal

To be frank in measurement

Avoid Bribery, which is not allowed.

Loan Dealings

Who has to initiate the terms and conditions?

What are the measures?

About the flexible installment and waiving the loan

About the Food

What is the eligible food?

What type of animals eligible for food?

About slaughtering an animal for food

What is the least painful way to slaughter?

What are the principles of Dressing?

What part of body must be covered for Men and Women?

About an Agreement and Promises

Dealing with partners

How to make agreements and right of ownership.

About the Marriage and Reproduction

Dealing with wife

Permission/prohibition for intercourse

How to adopt a child and the parenthood claim.

Crimes and punishments

Great Sin or Criminal activities

Slaying or Murdering or killing

Rape and Adultery

Consuming Drugs and Drinks

Ordinary Sin or Wrong doings

Burglary or Theft

Defamation, Spying ...

Also if you want to know, how to deal with any matter in your life, there is a guidance.

Read “Quran” the revered and blessed book, for all humanity.