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Tamil Centamil Unicode 

While I was search to find a Tamil Unicode keymap, I have decided to prepare a useful keymap.  This keymap is based on Windows “Arial” Unicode and Tamil “Latha” Unicode. Windows 2000 and XP is supporting Unicode (Click here to test)

It will work with other Tamil Unicode Fonts  (Murasu Anjal) ArulMathi, InaiKathir, InaiMathi and TabAvarangal2

Tamil Unicode keyboard map (Roman key letter English is in the middle, to show the key position)

 Compatible with MS Arial, Latha, ArulMathi, InaiKathir, InaiMathi, TabAvarangal2

Tamil Unicode keymap/keyboard map (without English, for the experienced users) 

Tamil Fonts


Tamil Kavidai

Tamil Unicode Fonts and Keyboard Map

Tamil Nadu Map

Murasu Anjal - page fully run by tamil unicode