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This little palette's colors will take you to a new window and describe each color.
Dioxine Purple Ultramarine Blue Cobalt Blue Thalo Cyan Blue Turquoise transparent Green Opaque Thalo Green
Burnt Umber Real Color Wheel in Pigments Permanent Green Light
Burnt Sienna
Venetian Red Yellow Green Opaque
Yellow Oxide
Naples Yellow Light Green Gold Transparent
Magenta Rembrandt Rose Cadmium Red Medium Cadmium Orange Indian Yellow Gold transparent Cadmium Yellow Medium Cadmium Yellow Pale

by Don Jusko

This is original, it is the only color wheel like this, copy it if you are an artist.
Use this Real Color Wheel to find pigments that are the correct color oppositions
for mixing neutral dark shadow colors with out using black pigment.
Designed for a natural artist painting on location.

Real Color Wheel in Light and Pigment for Artists

Compare the difference between the RGB/YMC colorwheel and Color Wheel Pro to my
RCW crystal, element, pigment, color wheel.
They both use the same 36 rim colors but each gets dark differently.
One can be used in pigments and one can not.

Compare Chart

Real Color Wheel, click larger .png format.    Tint, RCW   Not RCW

Here is the 36 color RCW palette showing my own
warm and cool yellow sections to match pigments and light via crystals.

Yellow in pigments can shade to either a green Cool Dark, like in the RGB/YMC light system. Or to a red warm dark, like my color wheel has it for pigments. The color pigment Yellow must be on the warm side for the artist to mix it with any other warm color. By adding a cool yellow/green pigment to a warm yellow color you would lessen the intensity of the yellow and make it muddy. Combined pigments are subtractive in intensity while light is additive. These are the work-arounds.
Yellow to Black in the RGB is very similar to Green's dark in both the RGB and YMCK colorwheels.
The Real Color Wheel, RCW, is different. Yellow goes to Red's warm dark brown not green's cool dark.
As in the Titanium crystal Rutile. Link

Here are some permanent chemical pigments used in oil and acrylic paints today.


PY3 stable di-arylide = Yellow Lemon opaque on barium sulfate, Gamboge, Indian Yellow 
PY83 stable di-arylide = Yellow Deep, Madder Lake, Alizarin Crimson, Italian Brown Pink Lake.
PY83 stable di-arylide HR = Indian Yellow
PY153 dioxine nickel complex = Indian Yellow Golden & Brown, Gamboge, Indian Red Gold, Sap Green, Indian Yellow Green 
PO69 isiondolinone = Yellow, Orange
PR 260 isoindolinone = Indian Yellow Golden, Vermilion to Red Scarlet dual-toned
PY129 methin copper complex = Golden Green, Indian Yellow Green with PY153 
PR101 synthetic iron oxide = Translucent Yellow to Brown


Transparent oil colors are precipitated on alumina, the oxide of aluminum present in clay. Another base for these colors could be cyclohexanone, wax, or an acrylic polymer emulsion or alkyd.

PY153 dioxine nickel complex + PR260 isoindolinone = Indian Yellow Golden.
PY153 dioxine nickel complex + PY42 synthetic iron oxide = Indian Yellow Brown.
PY153 dioxine nickel complex + PY3 stable di-arylide = Gamboge.
PY83 stable di-arylide + PR101 synthetic iron oxide = Italian Brown Pink Lake.

I would love to try PY153 dioxine nickel complex + PY83 stable di-arylide.
But this first, PY153 dioxine nickel complex + PY3 stable di-arylide on alumina = Gamboge Synthetic.


PY153 dioxine nickel complex + PR 260 isoindolinone = Indian Yellow Golden.
PY153 dioxine nickel complex + PY3 stable di-arylide = Gamboge
PR 170:F5rk naphthol carbamide = Scarlet Pink
PV19 quinacridone = Rose
PR122 quinacridone = Magenta
PV23:1r carbazole dioxazine = Purple
PV23 dioxine nickel complex = Permanent Violet Blueish transparent secondary blue, tints to Ult. Blue.
PB60 anthraquinone and Indanthrone = Blue Deep to Turquoise
PB15 copper phthalocyanine = Cyan (Thalo Blue) to Green Y/S
PB7 Chlorinated copper phthalocyanine = Turquoise to Green
PY83 stable di-arylide + PG7 chlorinated copper phthalocyanine = Sap Green Y/S
PY83 stable di-arylide HR + PG7 chlorinated copper phthalocyanine + PO43 perinone orange = Sap Green O/S
PY129 methin copper complex = Green Gold
PY.. azomethine = Genuine Green Gold
2002, Liquitex has some nice new transparent colors, Acra Gold = yellow to brown, darker than Indian Yellow Brown Side. A Burnt Orange that's brown to orange and Van Dyke Brown, a brown to red color. Daniel Smith has a new Transparent Indian Yellow Golden they call Permenant Yellow Deep, isoindolinone

needed for their opaqueness and brilliance.

PY35 cadmium Zinc sulfide = Cadmium Yellow Lemon
PT37 cadmium sulfide = Cadmium Yellow Light, Medium
PO20 cadmium sulfo-selenide = Cadmium Orange
PR108 cadmium seleno sulfide = Cadmium Red Light, Medium
PR101 synthetic red iron oxide = Red Oxide
PY42 synthetic yellow iron oxide = Yellow Oxide
PBr7 natural iron oxide, raw and calcined = Sienna and Umber
PB29 silica, aluminium, sulphur complex = Ultramarine Blue
PB28 oxides of cobalt and aluminium = Cobalt Blue
PG17 anhydrous chromium senquioxide = Chromium oxide Green

Oil Pigment palette, the acrylic palette has no transparent yellows to make red.
There is a space for each of these colors on my 27 RCW COLOR OIL PALETTE although I may not fill them all every time.

White is in the middle of the palette. The top of the palette on the left is Dioxazine Purple, Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue, Thalo Blue, Turquoise, Opaque Green and Thalo Green on the right. 

The left side goes from Dioxazine Purple to Burnt Umber, Bt. Sienna, Red Oxide, Yellow Ocher, Naples Yellow (or lead-tin Yellow) to Quinacridone Magenta at the bottom. 

The bottom row of colors is Quinacridone Magenta, Rembrandt Rose, Cad Red, Cadmium Orange, Indian Yellow Golden, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Gamboge, Cadmium Yellow Light, Cadmium Yellow Pale, Lead Yellow Lemon is in the bottom left corner of the palette. 

The right side is from Thalo Green on the top, than , Permanent Green Light, Green Gold, Yellow Green Opaque with Lead Yellow Light at the bottom. 

I keep all 37 of these oil pigments below on hand with me, they all have their special color and pigment properties.

00. Mussini Zinc Yellow,   01. Bellini Lemon Yellow,   02. YYYY, Grumbacher Cadmium Barium Yellow Pale,   02a. YYYY, Mussini Cadmium Yellow Lemon,   04. Old Holland Gamboge Lake Extra,   05. Schmincke Mussini Cadmium Yellow Middle,   06, Old Holland Indian Yellow-Orange Lake Extra,   06a. Old Holland Indian Yellow Brown Lake Extra,   07. YYYM, Mussini Cadmium Orange,   08. Rembrandt Chinese Vermilion Extra,   09. YYMM, Cadmium Red Medium,   10, YMMM, Rembrandt Rose,   11. MMMM, Danial Smith Quinacridone Magenta,   12. MMMM, Bocour, New York, Cobalt Violet Phosphate,   13. MMMC, Liquitex Carbazole Dioxazine Purple,   14. Grumbacher Dioxazine Purple,   15. Ultramarine Violet,   16. MMCC, Blocks French Ultramarine Blue,   17. Mussini Ultramarine Light,   18. Mussini Cobalt Blue Light,   19. CCCC, Grumbacher Thalo Blue,   20. CCCY, Rembrandt Blue Green,   21. CCYY, Mussini Phthalo Green,   22. Mussini Opaque Green Light,   23. Grumbacher Thalo Green Yellow/Side,   24. Mussini Permanent Green Light,   25. Winsor and Newton Sap Green permanent,   26. CYYY, Old Holland Yellow-Green Organic Opaque,   27. Mussini Naples Yellow Light,   27a. Mussini Naples Yellow Deep,   28. Mussini Yellow Raw Ocher,   29. Mussini Translucent Yellow Oxide,   30. Rembrandt or Mussini Asphaltum,   31. Mussini Raw Umber,   32. Mussini Burnt Umber,   33. Mussini Burnt Sienna,   34. Blocks Venetian Red,   35, Rembrandt Chromium Green Oxide,   36. Grumbacher Green Earth,   37. Mussini Genuine Golden Green, 

Interactive Real Color Wheel Matching Tube Pigment Colors in RGB and YMC.

Each colors number relates to it's position on the 36 color Real Color Wheel. These 36 RCW colors get dark just as they do in crystals.
Opposite complement pigments mix dark shadow colors just as nature makes shadows on sunlit items.
The top color Yellow is the color numbered (1a.) The number (1b) is a darker version of (1a)
on the way through the dark middle to it's opposite color, (19a) Ultramarine Blue.
Just as the Titanium Crystal, Rutile 

Test your monitor, the top button is the deepest Black.
The lower radio button is White. Go back to White.

Enter a color name or hexidesimal code, FFFFFF = White (all colors full, the numbers 000000 = black (no color). Use numbers in groups of 33 to be web safe. Examples: FF0000 is red, 990000 is a dark red color red and no other colors, 660000 is a darker red, 33000 is very dark red. 00FF00 is green, 0000FF is blue, CCCCCC is neutral gray.

Top-tone is adding White to the color. Under-tone is adding clear. Mass-tone is thick out of the tube.
Click the radio button to change the background to the matching tube color.

01a. Bellini Lemon Yellow, Lead Chromate, a light cool Yellow.  #"FAFF28", RGB, R=255 G=255 B=000, CMYK= 80Y 20M

01a. YYYY, Grumbacher Cadmium Barium Yellow Pale, a middle Yellow.  #"FFFF0E", R=255 G=255 B=014

01a. YYYY, Mussini Cadmium Yellow Lemon, the middle Yellow.  #"FFFF00", R=255 G=255 B=000, CMYK= Y

01b. Mussini Zinc Yellow, the coolest Yellow. An extra color. #"F1F10A", RGB, R=241 G=241 B=010

01b. Mussini Cadmium Yellow Pale, a slightly cool Yellow.   #"FFFA43", R=255 G255 B=040

01c. Old Holland Gamboge Lake Extra, a Yellow-Orange dual-tone changing to a Cadmium Yellow Under-tone.  #"FF9F00", R255, G255 B000 

1c. Old Holland Indian Yellow-Orange Lake Extra, a dual-toned Orange to Yellow transparent color. #"FF5700", R=255, G=087, B=000 The pale undertone is a strong Yellow-Pale while the top mass-tone hue is Orange and Vermilion mixed 1:1. This color can replace the famous "golden transparent", one of the two color aspects of Natural Indian Yellow.

Here is the dual-toned Under-tone color of Old Holland Indian Yellow-Orange Lake Extra. #"FFF000", R=255, G=240, B=000

1d. Old Holland Indian Yellow-Brown Lake Extra. It makes a good dark triad neutral, but not a strong Yellow, more like a Cadmium Yellow Middle Under-tone. (Old Holland Indian Yellow Brown Lake, has a Warm Tan Ocher top-tone with a Middle Cadmium Yellow undertone. It makes a poor Orange but will turn Ultramarine Blue to a nice Neutral Dark if that is all you had on a three color palette.) We artists REALLY need this color in acrylics and water colors, not just in oils by only one manufacture. NEW, Liqutex Quinacridone Acra Gold in acrylics. A Yellow/side Burnt Sienna if you will. #"986011", R=152 G=096 B=017. Below is the Under-tone color of Old Holland Indian Yellow Brown Lake Extra and Liqutex Acra Gold Quinacridone PO:49 + PO:45.

1e. Rembrandt or Mussini Asphaltum, the ancient color Bitumen, a transparent dark brown/yellow side, Rembrandt used this favorite glaze to transcend dark (Doerner). The Smithsonian says he did not use this color?  #"331D00", R=051, G=029, B=000. New in Liqutex, Van Dyke Red Hue, mixes neutral with Ultramarine Blue. Way to go Liqutex!

A transparent Under-tone of Rembrandt or Mussini Asphaltum and the new Benzimidazolone PBr:25 is clickable below

1e. Mussini Burnt Umber, a calcined translucent warm Red-Brown. Note: Cadmium Yellow also darkens to this color in the "Real Color Wheel" using this Brown to form all warm Yellows.  #"331500", R=051, G=021, B=000, CMYK= Y M C

02a. Mussini Naples Yellow Light, an opaque Nickel and Titanium replacement for Antimony Yellow. This is the first of eleven pre-made with added white colors, they must be added to a complete painting color palette. This was the traditional (1875) base flesh tone when made with Antimony Lead, later and earlier lead-tin Yellow was used. #"FFEDA8", R=255 G=237 B=168, CMYK= 60Y 20M

03a. Mussini Naples Yellow Deep, (True Naples is either Green-side, Yellow-side or Red-side, higher firing temperatures make warmer, lighter colors.  #"D9A878", R=217 G=169 B=120, CMYK= 60Y 40M

2b. Schmincke Mussini Cadmium Yellow Middle is more Yellow than Grumbacher Cadmium Yellow Medium. #"FFED09", R=255 G=337 B=009, CMYK= Y 20M

05a. Grumbacher Cadmium Yellow Medium. #"FFE709" R=255 G=231 B=009

02c. Mussini Yellow Raw Ocher, opaque tan. #"9B6A26", R=155 G=106 B=038, CMYK= 80Y 20C 40M

02d. Mussini Translucent Yellow Oxide, dual-toned red-tan, add white for a yellow-tan. It has the same mass-tone matching color as Mussini Indian Yellow Brown Lake Extra.  #"986011", R=152 G=096 B=017

A top-tone of Mussini Translucent Yellow Oxide is clickable below

4a. YYYM, Mussini Cadmium Orange, opaque. #"FF8200", R=255, G=130, B=000, CMYK= Y 60M

4b. Mussini Burnt Sienna, transparent Red-Brown. Orange changing to dark brown, goes through Burnt Sienna. Above click is the mass-tone from the tube.  #"4D0000", R=077, G=000, B=000, CMYK= Y 60C M

To See an Under-tone (the color with clear medium) of Mussini Burnt Sienna, click below.

Below is a high Top-tone tint of Mussini Burnt Sienna.

6a. Rembrandt Chinese Vermilion Extra, translucent bright Red Light. #"FF3200" R=255 G=050 B=000, CMYK= Y 80M

07a. YYMM, Cadmium Red Medium. #"FF0000" R=255, G=000, B=000, CMYK= Y M

7b. Blocks Venetian Red, warm opaque. Cadmium Red going to neutral dark black. #"A60000", RGB, R=153, G=000, B=000, CMYK= Y 40C M

10a, YMMM, Rembrandt Rose, transparent Scarlet-Crimson. #"F1004C", R=241, G=000, B=076, CYMK= 90M

An Under-tone of this tube color is here below.

Here below is a light Top-tone of Rembrandt Rose, the perfect Pink, notice it is getting cooler. #"FF4186", RGB, R=255, G=065, B=134

12a. MMMM, Danial Smith Quinacridone Magenta, a warm dual-tone Magenta with a cooler mass tone similar to Cobalt Violet and a warmer top-tone, it mixes to a perfect neutral dark with Thalo Green. #"BD0053" R=189 G=000 B=083, CMYK= M. All complementary colors make perfect neutral grays and blacks, that can be adjusted warm or cool.

13a. MMMM, Bocour, New York, Cobalt Violet Phosphate, transparent dual-toned, dark mass-tone to a cool Top-tone pink when mixed with White and a warm Under-tone pink when mixed with medium. This color is perfect for making Ultramarine Blue using Thalo Cyan. #"BD0081" R=163, G=000, B=109, CMYK= 10C 90M

Cool Top-tone below

Cooler Top-tone with more White below,
Warm transparent Under-tone below

16a. MMMC, Liquitex Carbazole Dioxazine Purple, transparent. With the addition of White, this pigment completely changes into a cooler color Purple, it is dual-toned. #"300030" R=048, G=000, B=048, CMYK= 80C M

A tint Top-tone color of this pigment is this radio button below. 

16a. Grumbacher Dioxazine Purple, the same mass color as #13, this tube color looks like this. With the addition of White this pigment fills the warm slot. The tinted color of this pigment is this radio button.

18a. Ultramarine Violet, translucent, from the tube. #"260035", R=038 G=000 B=053, CYMK= 80C M

A Top-tone tint of this color is:

19a. MMCC, Blocks French Ultramarine Blue, translucent. #"150036", R=021, G=000, B=036, YMCK= C 80M

A Top-tone tint of this color is:

19b. Mussini Ultramarine Light, translucent. #"150064", R=021, G=000, B=100

A Top-tone tint of this color is:

22a. Mussini Cobalt Blue Light, opaque. Nobody makes a true Cobalt Blue anymore, the artificial colors are in this Opaque Azure range, there are no Transparent Azures available. #"00255C", R=000, G=037, B=092, CMYK== C 80M

A Top-tone tint of this color is:

25a. CCCC, Grumbacher Thalo Blue, transparent, a perfect Cyan. This colors Mass-tone is Ultramarine Blue transparent, and the Top-tone tint color is RGB Cyan, just like the sky. The more white that is added, the warmer the color becomes. #"000040", R=000, G=000, B=064, CYMK= C. Paint the sky with Thalo Blue and Dioxine Purple to make all the colors between and including the Ultramarine Blue color. In crystal Cyan darkens by adding magenta's dark.

A middle Top-tone tint of this color:

A very high Top-tone tint of this color is, RGB, Cyan:

27a. CCCY, Rembrandt Blue Green, a transparent Turquoise color. #"003020", R=000, G=048 B=048, CYMK= 20Y C

A lighter tint of this color is:

29a. Mussini Opaque Green Light, a mix of Titanium and Phthalo Green, cool opaque, too handy to be in the auxiliary color wheel. #"007559" R=000, G=117, B=089, CYMK= 60Y 80C

31a. CCYY, Mussini Phthalo Green is Blue/side, transparent. #"003010" R=000. G=048, B=016, CYMK= Y C

A tint of this color is: RGB, 000, 225, 233,

32a. Grumbacher Thalo Green Yellow/Side, transparent. Has a warmer mass-tone than Top-tone . #"003000" R=000, G=048, B=000 

A Top-tone tint of this color is: RGB, R=000,G=255, B=176

33a. Mussini Permanent Green Light, warm opaque. #"00590A", R=000, G=089, B=010, CYMK= 80Y 80C

A tinted Top-tone by adding white of this color is: RGB, R=000,G=255, B=147

34a, Rembrandt Chromium Green Oxide, warm opaque. #"009B7A", R=000, G=080, B=000, CMYK== Y 80C 40M

34a. Grumbacher Green Earth, warm translucent. #"3E5600", R=062, G=086, B=000 

35a. CYYY, Old Holland Yellow-Green Organic Opaque has a cooler mass-tone than Under-tone. #"79C700" R=121, G=199, B=000, CYMK= 20C Y, Here below is the warmer Under-tone mixed with a clear medium.

35b. Winsor and Newton Sap Green, #"233A00, R=035, G=058, B=000, transparent dual-tone, from a mass-tone cooler dark to a warmer tint mixing Yellow-Green and White. Caution; Most brands include black in this pigment and don't give it a permanent rating. Be safe and don't use it or use a synthetic.

A tint with added white of this color is: RGB, R=152, G=197, B=000

36a. CYYY, Brillant Yellow-Green, transparent in acrylic, opaque in oil. #"DBFF76" R=121, G=255, B=028, CYMK= 10C Y

36b. Mussini Genuine Golden Green, #"606300", R=096, G=099, B=000, CYMK= Y 40C 40M

A Top-tone tint by adding white to this dual-toned color is: RGB, R=246, G=255, B=000

36c. Mussini Raw Umber, a translucent cool Brown/green side. (Yellow-Yellow-Yellow-Green darkens to this color in my light to pigment color wheel).  #"332500", R051, G=037, B=000, CMYK= Y 80C 80M

These colors make painting very easy indeed.
Return to White


a cool neutral tint. #"CCCCCC" R=180, G=180, B=180, CMYK= 20Y 40C 20M, RCW= Any triad or complementary set of colors, plus white.

The Aerial Palette for 10 Concentric Rings.

Aerial Palette


All dots are links to each pigments discripton. Read the linking color name in the browser status bar below.
The center links to the photo pigment color chip chart page. Pigment artists, don't miss it!
Colors are numbered from 1 to 36. The outer most dot starts as letter "a" in each color.

Clickable Artists Real Color Wheel matching pigments

Lead Yellow, cool opaqueNaples Yellow LightNaples Yellow DeepAcrylic Vivid lime Green, Oil Yellow Green OpaqueBrilliant Yellow Green, translucent in acrylicsCadmium YellowCadmium Yellow MediumCadmium Orange, opaqueGreen Gold, TransparentIndian Yellow-Orange Lake ExtraYellow Raw Ocher, OpaqueTranslucent Yellow OxideChinese Vermilion Extra, translucentPermanent Green lightChromium Green OxideIndian Yellow-Brown TransparentBurnt Sienna, translucentCadmium Red Light-Medium, OpaqueThalo Green, transparentRaw Umber, translucentBurnt Umber, translucentVenetian Red Oxide, Warm, OpaqueOpaque Green LightPigment Photo Chip ChartRembrandt Rose, TranslucentTurquoise Blue-Green, transparentQuinacridone Magenta, WarmThalo Blue Cyan, TransparentCobalt Magenta, CoolUltramarine Blue, TranslucentUltramarine Blue LightManganese VioletCobalt BlueFrench Ultramarine BluePurple, TransparentRaw Sienna, translucentUltramarine Violet

This clickable map shows the true opposition pigment colors for mixing neutral darks.
It will be the new "basic" color wheel because the color oppositions are accurate.
The revolution of color wheel, replace your old color wheel now. The old Red-Blue-Yellow and Yellow-Magenta-Cyan (Color Wheel Pro) color wheels are inaccurate for the pigment artists.

Blockx Yellow CobaltOld Holland Gamboge Lake Ex. Syn.O.H. Indian Yellow Brown Lake Syn. Rembrandt Asphaltum Syn, very oilyBurnt UmberMussini Zinc Yellow, the coolest yellow. No linkBocour Cad Yellow Lead ChromateGrumbacher Cad Barium Yellow PaleMussini Naples Yellow Light, Nickle Titanium O.H. Indian Yellow-Orange Lake Syn. Dual-toneMussini Raw UmberBlockx Baryum Yellow, very weakO.H. Indian Yellow-Orange Lake Syn.Mussini Naples Yellow DeepYelow Raw OcherMussini Trans Yellow OxideGreen EarthGreen Gold Nickel AzoSap Green Syn. dual-toneGreen Umber EarthGreen OxideW/N FleshBurnt SiennaRewmbrandt Chinese Vermilion syn.O.H. Yellow Green OrganicMussini Cad. Yellow LemonMussini Cad yellow MiddleRembrandt Chinese Vermilion SynBlockx Venation Opaque Warm Red OxideCadmium OrangeCadmium Barium Red LightPermanent Green LightGrumbacher Phthalo Green LightMussini Opaque Green LightMussini Phthalo GreenTurquoise, Rembrandt Blue GreenCadimium Bayrum Red LightRembrandt Red RoseRose Madder, Yarka Garance VioletGrumbacher Thalo BlueO.H. Scheveninge BLue Light OpaqueD.Smith Quinacridone Magenta pr122Cobalt Violet Transparent, Cool Magenta Dual-tone Cobalt Blue LightMussini Royal Blue LightBlockx French Ult. BueUltramarine VioletDioxazine PurpleMussini Royal Blue Deep Ultramarine DeepUltramarine LightDioxazine Purple tints cool

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