Favorite sites

whatis.com (you can get A-Z info of IT - My favorite Site)
Webopaedia Search
Ask Jeeves!
Matisse's Glossary of Internet Terms
Printsville: National Geographic
Free Software Downloads
Robyn's Road To Web Page Builder Resources
PC Webopaedia Definition and Links
Welcome to Intel
Welcome to How Stuff Works - you can get exprimental knowledge
Lemon Power
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Home Page
ClubComputer - Join to Save!
ZDNet Software Library - Very good Downloads
The Time Zone Page
CLOX World Time Zone Clocks Software
Home @ nationalgeographic.com - Environmental Support
Advanced Periodic Table of the Elements - Educational Support (Chemistry)
BP Statistical Review of World Energy 1998: Downloads
AltaVista: Simple Query Encyclopedia
TerraServer Homepage - GIS Map system - U can find real global map
RealPlayer Home Page
3D Animated Greetings
Emirates Internet: UAE SITES
Make your own free website on Tripod.com