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A Guide for Information Technology

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No need to waste your time to dig for IT info. I will guide you to the goldmine. 

I have spent a lot of time and effort to collect all of this information. I am dedicating this non-commercial site for students and they can get very useful info. by a single visit. Click here, IT info in Tamil

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Document Title HTML Text Word PDF
Software an Overview 312 103 220 124
Hardware an Overview 335 119 235 156
Net and Internet an Overview 276 90 191 131
Thin-Clint Technique 60* 32* 334 299
Known File Types (Ext) 248 137 377 265
Known Viruses 273 17 177 85
Chat Abbreviation 125 8 25 33
Electromagnetic Field Hazard 13 5 16 9

Educational guidance 

Environmental  support


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